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God’s Word is Alive and Well!

My mother gave me a Bible when I was in my twenties and having problems bouncing back from the realization that my long-time relationship was over. I was devastated for what seems like craziness now. She assured me that all my sadness would pass, and told me that all my answers were in the Bible I just needed to take the time to look.

Reading, but Not Understanding

Although I read the Bible frequently, I was unable to grasp the importance of what I was reading. I knew the Bible was God’s word, but I had difficulty seeing it as relevant to life today, and therefore, was unable to understand how it related to my present situation.

I did not understand how to relate God’s Word to what I was encountering in my daily life. Reading the Bible was similar to trying to read a foreign language for me, trying to relate, and discover the hidden meaning of the Bible was difficult to say the least. I believed the answer was there, but I did not know how to unlock the vault.

My early failures to understand did not deter me from continuing to read because no matter how angry, confused, or miserable I was feeling, reading God’s Word helped me to get back on track again. I must admit that I did not get a real understanding from reading the King James Version of the Bible in my early years, but when reading it there was a feeling of peace and a “everything is going to be alright” feeling that came over me. I understand now that each and every time I read a passage of scripture, I found a new nugget of understanding that helped me along the way. I cannot explain how much it amazes me how often reading a passage seems to apply to something that is happening in my life.

Change Old Habits

Although I knew there were other versions of the Bible available, I stuck with what I was familiar with the King James Version. When I finally began to read other versions and picked up the Amplified Version of the Bible, it was as if the light bulb came on. I understood so much more of the scriptures. Reading the Amplified Version shed light on my understanding of God’s Word. I started purchasing other versions and looking passages up on the Internet. I admit research takes time, but I believe that my understanding is increasing with the clarity I am reaping from a better understanding of the scriptures.

The Word of God is treasure to the Believer’s soul. Every word of God is wisdom to those who believe.

God gave us his Word as a treasure to nest not in our minds, but in our hearts to become a driving force to get and keep us on the path that He has selected for our lives. The Law was written and read constantly so that the people would remember. The Gospel is centered around our belief that Jesus is the Son of God, He took on our sins, died to pay for our sins, was raised from the dead, and now sits on the right hand of the Father interceding for us, the Word of God has been written in our hearts.

Morning Routine

Over time, I have developed a need to spend time exploring and increasing my knowledge of God’s Word. My routine has me sitting down to read usually early morning fewer interruptions. I begin with a prayer for understanding so that I can grasp and increase my discovery and relate better to what I am reading. I look up words I do not understand and write them down, follow the reference scriptures (not all of them, but the ones I am lead by the Spirit to give attention to), I also keep a reference journal so that I can refer back to the passages that have a special impact on me.

Life’s Operating Manual

When my children were small I used to tell them that life does not come with an Operating Manual, but actually it does God’s Word in the Bible. It is the Father talking to His children about every aspect of life. We have been given a choice, life according to His word or according to the life Satan is offering. As Joshua said in Deuteronomy 10:15, “… as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.” (KJV)  Whatever time you devote to God’s Word, I pray that you discover, as I did and am still discovering, God’s Word is Alive.

Set A Real Goal

Start the New Year off right spend time in God’s Word, His operating manual for our lives. Work on getting better each and every day.



Do you have a routine for studying God’s Word? Share what works for you.



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