Hello, my name is Amina, and I live in South Florida. I moved here two years ago from North Carolina, but my roots are in the District of Columbia. I love it here. I am officially retired, but I still do work administrative work for small businesses.

For the past year, the Holy Spirit has been moving me to use the skills I have been given in a more creative way. The Lord gave me gifts to use for His Glory and to help other people. Not just to seek financial reward, but to spread my new found understanding of the Word of God. I have decided after much pray to use my talent and love of writing to share with people I have never met what I have come to understand.

Many people do not understand the wonderful gift that we have been offered because of the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for all of us. Hosea 4:6, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge ….” (KJV)  To me this is a perfect example of what is going on today, many people seem to be on the fast track to destruction.

As I was asking the Lord about the direction I should go in to use the gifts he has blessed me with, I had doubts because so many people write devotionals and Bible study interpretation. But the Holy Spirit remind me that the Word can be explained in many different ways. Everyone does not grasp the meaning during the first reading, the second, or even the third. I personally know this to be true since I have read the Bible through  many times and did not read with the clear understanding that I have received recently. The Holy Spirit can move each individual in a different direction to understand and write about God’s Word. So although there are many writers, my work could be the one that helps someone to believe and accept the gift Jesus died to give us.

I pray that anyone reading my material will benefit from it, and if even one person does, it will be worth the effort. Any comments will be gratefully received.