What rules your life? Faith or Fear

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Faith* is defined as complete trust or confidence in someone or something. (noun) Faith is an action taken with the belief that God will make a way. (verb)

Fear* an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat prompted by the potential of failure. (noun) Fear to feel apprehensive or uneasy. (verb)

Fear has gripped man since Adam and Eve in the garden. After they disobeyed God by eating the apple, “… Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God amongst the trees of the garden.” (Genesis 3:8, KJV)

As much as Faith and Fear are opposite, they can both have a huge influence on our lives. One of the many areas of my life that I am still working on is to raise my level of Faith and keep it high replacing the fear that grips me.  Sometimes I feel like a rubber band with high, medium and low levels of Faith. Faith and Fear cannot operate together. Either Faith will move you to greater heights and you will go where you have never been before or Fear will make you either slow your progress or stop cold in your tracks. No matter how great your mountain, speak to your mountain about how great your God is.

As an example of my person struggle with fear, I share this story, I have learned to type on a manual typewriter (I know I am dating myself). I took typing all the way through high school during my secretarial training classes. I was quite good at it, and went on to get a job in the civil service right out of high school. I was so fortune that I was able to take the typing test at school. All through school, I had taken timed writings and was considered a fast typist.

When I decided to move from the federal government to private industry, I had to take typing tests for various jobs that I was trying to get. Once the clock started ticking, I could feel the fear swelling up in my hands. I remember one test in particular that I took after typing all day on a temporary job and then taking the typing test to become permanent with this employer. I could feel the fear causing my hand to freeze up. Each time I made a mistake, it got worse. My hand was actually beginning to refuse to move. I could hear the demon in my ear telling me that I was failing this test and that I would not get the job because of it. By the time the test was over, I was a nervous wreck. I felt as though I had worked hard for three or four days. Of course, I failed the test because of errors. Luckily for me my supervisor already knew I could type accurately and hired me permanently anyway. I did not realize before taking the test that I had already started to doubt my ability and left the door wide open for exactly what happened.

My Faith was at a low level. I did not realize what I had let happen until it had hit me and ran over my confidence negating a skill that I had and used frequently. As I have grown in years and in understanding, I still get attacked, but I am able to recognize what is happening and seek God’s Word to relieve the anxiety that is gripping me and continue on in spite of the Fear.

I have prayed for a disappearance of Fear, but we need Fear to help us learn about the power of God. Fear is one of the spirits that motivates us to build our Faith. Without Fear there is no need for great Faith, and therefore no need for Faith to grow. Just as if there was no evil, how would God demonstrate to His people that He is all powerful. Interestingly enough, faith lessons learned in times of trials are the ones that leave a lasting impression.

If David had not called on the Lord when Saul was chasing him from one end of Israel to the other, David would have been catch and killed. Each time Saul got close Dave slipped through his fingers. Although he did not act upon it, David had the opportunity in several cases to capture or kill Saul. (1 Samuel 19:15 – 1 Samuel 27:4, KJV)

Although Fear will always be lingering around, Faith in God’s goodness and mercy is also there to help us. Look to the Word of God for help when Fear is keeping you from moving forward and reaching your destiny. As Paul says in 1 Timothy 6:12, “Fight the good fight of faith ….”

Listed below are a few of the Words of encouragement found in God’s Word to be used in our war arsenal to fight Fear and keep it at bay. Look them up and repeat them to yourself especially when Fear is knocking at your door.

Matthew 17:20   ark 11:23     Hebrews 11:6     James 1:6     Romans 5:2     Isaiah 41:10   Isaiah 41:13     Isaiah 40:29

Definitions retrieved from Dictionary.com

Why Do I Love You

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I do not know why you love the Lord, but I know that he has brought me a long way. In my sixty-eight years. It has not been without difficulties, loneliness, uncertainty, and just plain craziness on my part. I have often told my kids that it is unfortunate that we do not have an operating manual for life, it would really cut down on some of the mistakes that are made. It took many years to figure out that God has given us an operating manual, The Bible, His inspired word to His children.

When I was younger, I experienced the little voice that is inside that tries to direct our steps onto the right path and keep us there. So many times, I felt the urge from inside and ignored it. Every time I did this, I made a mistake. When I followed the urge, I could tell that I was making the right choice. I did not know it was the Holy Spirit. I only knew that when I followed the urging everything seem to fall into place for me.

When my family made a decision to move from North Carolina to Florida, it was a big decision that had many ramifications for all members of the family. Employment, moving our belongings, living arrangements, selection of a high school just to name a few. Once the decision was made, I knew it was the right thing to do because everything fell into line. We were able to pack, and move without difficult, and drove the over eight hundred miles with a car and a moving truck with no problems at all. One of the amazing things about the move was that we did not have a place to stay when we arrived in Florida. The move for us was a total act of faith because we were certain that the Lord would provide. When we arrived in Florida very early in the morning, we were able to secure a room at a very nice hotel that accepts pets (we have three small dogs). Talk about faith, just how rare is that.

My daughter has a friend that helped us get situated. A real estate agent showed us potential houses for rent. We actually stayed in the hotel for two weeks, and we knew it was God because somehow each day we were able to get the money to pay for the room and survive. Each day the real estate agent would take us out to look at houses and none of them was acceptable or they wanted too much money. This time was truly a test of faith as each day we continued to look for a place to live, and deal with the daily needs of the family. But amazingly, it was not an unhappy time for us, the Lord’s mercy was given to us each and every day. There was one particular morning, standing on the side of the hotel with the dogs that I prayed even harder than normal for the Lord’s mercy and assistance in this time of uncertainty. I have to admit that my faith was failing, and I prayed for the Holy Spirit to make things happen to help our situation in a positive way. Not that I had not prayed on other days, but this time I felt at a very low point and I prayed for strength. After we got to Florida the car started to act up and broke down on 95. We found a mechanic on 95 believe it or not, he not only helped us get back to the hotel, but came by the next day and fixed the car at a reasonable price.

Anyone who says that God does not answer prayer is sadly mistaken. We kept going out each day looking at houses, they either wanted more than we could afford or it was a rough neighborhood. It is only through the mercy of the Lord that we were able to secure a very nice house, in a neighborhood that is quiet and comfortable to live in. Everyone in the family acknowledged that it could only have been Jehovah-Jireh (the Lord will Provide) Genesis 22:14. We were back on the path, employment came, and our finances improved rapidly. Nothing but the Lord could have made it happen the way it did.

The Lord loves His children and his mercy is there for us we cannot use it up. Our loving Father through the Holy Spirit is always there to guide us to the right path. It is our choice whether or not we take it. This is just one example that I have experienced personally of the Lord’s love for me. Whenever I get depressed and my faith is weakened, I remember examples of the Lord’s love and that He is the provider of all my needs. I bet you can remember times when the Holy Spirit showed you the way! All He asks is that you Believe and follow His guidance.

The video below is one of my favorites, I hope you will also enjoy it. Control + Click on the name of the video to watch it.


Faith and Inspiration

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Taking a Leap of Faith

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I looked at this picture and knew immediately what I wanted to wsilhouette-936721_640rite about– Taking a Leap of Faith. I believe we take many leaps when venturing out into the unknown during our lives–some small leaps and some major leaps. Helen Keller said, “Life is either a daring adventure, or it is nothing at all.”  Why do some people leap and others stand on the edge and lean forward, but never move.

The Bible has many examples of individuals taking leaps of faith into the unknown and trusting on their belief that God would help them to get to the other side safely. These people moved forward without a safety net and were bolstered by their faith.

Noah – Genesis 6:13-14, “And God said unto Noah, The end of all flesh is come before me; for the earth is filled with violence through them; and behold, I will destroy them with the earth. Make an ark….” (KJV) Noah believed what God told him and started immediately despite the unbelief of all those around him including some of his family members. Noah’s leap kept him, his family, and every creature on the Ark alive when every other living thing on earth was destroyed.

Abraham – Left his family and everything he knew when the Lord told him. Genesis 12:1, “Now the Lord said unto Abram [before he became known as Abraham], Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father’s house unto a land that I will shew thee:” (KJV). He left his family and all he knew. His leap made him the first of a great nation.

David – Tender of his father’s sheep, youngest of his brothers, killed Goliath with a slingshot. He knew that his faith in the protection of God was stronger than the giant. 1 Samuel 17 tells his story.

Esther – was a woman of great faith. She leaped when venturing into the king’s presence without invitation to save her people. She devised a plan that kept the Jews from slaughtered. Her actions could have resulted in her death. (See Esther 5, KJV)

Ruth – A Moabite followed her Jewish mother-in-law into the unknown when she decided to follow Naomi when she returned to her native land after the death of her husband and sons. Ruth for fore took all that she knew taking a leap of faith to remain with her mother-in-law and received a new husband and family as a result a place in the lineage of David.

Just to name a few. Do you really think that any of the people listed above were capable of such feats without a deep-rooted believe in the Power of God. These ordinary people accomplished extraordinary feats when called upon by fate.

Matthew 14:26-29 says, “And when the disciples saw him walking on the sea, they were troubled, saying, It is a spirit; and they cried out for fear. But, straightway Jesus spake unto them, saying Be of good cheer; it is I; be not afraid. And Peter answered him and said, Lord, if it be though, bid me come unto thee on the water. And, he said Come. And when Peter was come down out of the ship, he walked on the water to go to Jesus.” (KJV)

Peter was a simple man of little education, but he trusted Jesus and fought back his fears and natural instincts of self-reservation. He took a Leaf of Faith and stepped out of the ship onto the water. He walked on water until he took his focus off Jesus and let his mind take over.

Whether you believe in this story or not, from personal experience I know that faith in my Lord has brought me through many situations in my life that should have defeated me, but did not. So I believe because I have seen and tested it.

Acts 3:16 says that Faith is born in us by God. Faith activated by our free will belief in Jesus and is finished by Jesus as we grow in faith, by believing without a doubt the Word of Christ will strengthen our faith and enable the Leaps of Faith we need to live our lives in the abundance that Jesus offers us.

Hebrews 12:2 says, “Looking into Jesus the author and finisher of our faith….” We have been given the faith to accomplish anything that is in line with God’s plan for our lives, Jesus is the key to this faith.

I do not know if you need this or not, but I know that I do. I cannot remind myself often enough how doing the same thing in the same old ways will get me the same negative results. So many times, doubt as caused me to falter when I should have been moving forward when I should have been jumping. Are you trying to decide whether or not to jump or move back? Doubt will stop you in your tracks and halt all progress. There were times when raising my children alone, I wanted to give up, but how could I when the people I loved most in the world depended on me to get it done. As I look back, I now know that I was never alone. The Holy Spirit has been there all the time.